Road to Morocco (1942): Orville's Promise


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The clip Orville's promise from Road to Morocco (1942) with Bob Hope, Bing Crosby

Last stop!
Got a stone in my shoe.
Wait a minute!
I hope Aunt Lucy's lookin' down...
and seein' the way you're treating me.
You gonna stuff Aunt Lucy down my throat again?
Never mind. She saw you tossin' the coin and lickin' your chops.
You're certainly sloughing off your promise to her.
Aunt Lucy... I can see her now lying on her dying bed...
lookin' at you with those big, trusting eyes.
"Before I go,Jeff, promise me one thing," she said.
"Promise me you'll always be a friend to little Orville.
"No matter what happens, you'll never leave the little jerk.
Promise me,Jeff. Promise me," she said.
Then she up and died before I had a chance to say no. Shh!
Who you shushing? What's the matter?
I hope she didn't hear. The dead have a way of comin' back.
When they're dead, they're dead.
Not Aunt Lucy. She was a Republican.

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