Road to Morocco (1942): Seduction


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The clip seduction from Road to Morocco (1942)

Orville, wake up!
Wake up. Okay, Mom, I'll get a job tomorrow.
No, no, no. Wake up!
What's the matter? The princess is unfaithful. She cares nothing for you.
I'll see you in the hat shop later. Listen!
At this moment, she and your friend are in each other's arms.
Yeah, well
What? Yes. Look.
The lowdown, double-crossing centipede!
Trying to climb into my shoes and pull the roof over his head.
The crawling lizard!
I'll show him what a salami has gotta go through.
Don't waste your anger upon them. Ahhh!
Let us fly together. Okay, but let go of my landing gear.
You and I, thus,
and thus, and thus will my love consume you.
From manufacturer direct to consumer.
I go!
Excuse me. Beloved.
Beloved! Thus.
I g-

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