Road to Morocco (1942): Measuring Orville


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The clip measuring Orville from Road to Morocco (1942)

Right now I could use a hole in my head.
Could we disturb you, Master? What do you want?
If it is not too much trouble, we would like to measure you. What for?
We are making something for you. It's a surprise.
Something for the wedding.
This is for after the wedding.
Sort of a male trousseau?
Yes, Master, sort of.
All right, go ahead. Measure away. Thank you, Master.
It will be brief. Waist, thirty-four.
The princess has an eye for beauty, so pretty me up.
Sew in plenty of muscles. Make it zooty.
We will make you look even better than you do now. Oh, thanks.
Chest normal, forty-one. Normal, forty-one.
Chest expanded, forty-one. Ches-
Give me room. I like to spread out.
Perhaps the master would lie down. Certainly.
5' 11 " overall. 5' 11 " overall.
Put a lot of padding in it. I don't want anything stiff.
I assure you, it will be no stiffer than yourself.
Good day.
Good day, Master.
Good day.
One question, Master. What is the date of your birth?
Birth? What do you want that for?
It is for the record.
September 13th, 1913.
On a Friday.

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