Road to Morocco (1942): Find Orville


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The clip find Orville from Road to Morocco (1942)

Geoffrey! Geoffrey!
Huh? What do ya want?
You're a naughty boy. You shouldn't have done that wicked thing to Orville.
You must find him, Geoffrey,
and bring him back. I'm so distressed.
I didn't know, Aunt Lucy.
Honest I didn't. The fellow I sold him to...
was only a jobber and he resold him later at a profit.
He wouldn't tell me to who. "To whom," Geoffrey.
Yes, ma'am, to whom. I still don't know where he is.
You've got to find him. Little Orville needs you.
What can I do? I've been looking for a week!
Remember that song you used to sing? The one Orville loved?
Which song was that? Ho-ho-hum, you hear me shoutin'
Ho-ho-hum, zoot You remember.
Well, go through the streets singing that song.
Little Turkey
Orville, will hear you and reveal himself.
It might work at that!
Aunt Lucy, you, being up there, must see everything.
You could save me trouble if you tell me where he is.
I'm not supposed to. It's against the rules.
Come on, Aunt Lucy.
I won't crack to nobody.
If you go to the marketplace, head east 200 paces...
you'll come to- I can't talk to you anymore.
Here comes Mr. Jordan!
Aunt Lucy! Aunt Lucy!

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