Road to Morocco (1942): Kick Jeff out

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The clip kick Jeff out from Road to Morocco (1942) Do it some more. Do it some more. Come on, bub, rub. Wh...
The clip kick Jeff out from Road to Morocco (1942) Do it some more. Do it some more. Come on, bub, rub. Why is the princess going to marry you? She was to have married Mullay Kassim, the desert sheik. Why has she changed her mind? Sheiks have gone out of style. The modern girl wants a nice, reliable wolf. Do it some more. I'll get you time and a half for overtime. There's something very strange about it all. Something very, very strange. It's a strange country. Orville, listen. Huh? If this were known, it would mean my death. But in my heart, there is a great love for you. You too? If this keeps up, I'll have to buy a scooter. Is my love hopeless, or do you have some crumbs of affection for me? You know how a prince is. I may set you up with a little hat shop or something. What a racket! We're trying a new shade, nightingale's blush. Nightingale's blush... that's sweet. You get a complete recondition and you'll still look like a warthog. Gals, get a breath of fresh air. Beat it. Scat. Just a second. I'm giving the orders around here. She's only done 9 toes. She can do the other 3 later. I want to put him under the dryer. Beat it. Don't be too rash. You'll spoil him. Don't go far, girls. Go on. I may need you. Who are these Christmas tigers? Who are they yessin'? The princess' old man used to use this for a courtroom. He never lost a case. That's very nice. That's nifty. Look, puffy, I want to have a talk with you, man to man. Who's gonna hold up your end? I'll see you in a couple weeks. I have no time for riffraff. Think you're cute, don't you, sending me that note: they're torturing you. Get out of town. There's nothin' I can do for you.