Road to Morocco (1942): Kissed by the Princess


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The clip kissed by the princess from Road to Morocco (1942)

What can I do for you, gentlemen?
Tell him, Junior.
I want some of those and some of those-
You making fun of me? No, I always talk like this.
You do, huh? Why do you?
I'm an idiot. I'm sacred.
You're saying I'm an idiot?
If you think you're an idiot I'm not gonna argue-
What's that?
Okay, I'll take some of those...
and some of those, and those-
Well, what do ya think of that?
How do you like that? Jeff,Jeff.
Mother told me there'd be moments like this.
I wonder how she knew? Where've you been?
I've been lookin' everywhere for you. Do it some more.
What's the matter with you? Kiss it again.
What'd the guy hit you with? A piano?
Come on. Snap out of it. It's a strange country.
A minute ago she came along in a gold box,
fellows carrying it with sticks. She took my hand,
kissed my fingertips, my knuckles, my wrist.
My toes are still braided. It was wonderful.
Do it some more. Come on, now. You're delirious.
You need something in your stomach. You'll be all right.
Come on. Here we go.

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