Blackball (2003): Rick Schwartz


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The clip rick schwartz from Blackball (2003)

I'm sorry. Look, I've said I'm sorry.
Sorry, bollocks!
You made me out to be the kind of bloke who watches porn.
You are. Not only that, you go out with the kind of girls who appear in it.
Kerry's not like that.
I'm stepping out with a duchess, I am!
Shut your mouth.
Cliff Starkey!
Christ, it's Batman.
It's that bloke from The Matrix, innit?
I don't fucking believe it. In the flesh?
I mean, I...
Do you know what you are? You're this.
You what, mate?
You know, I heard they cancelled bowls.
Made me so fucking mad!
I'm Rick Schwartz.
There's someone I'd like you to meet.

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