1941 (1979): Burning Ass


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The clip burning ass from 1941 (1979)

Hey, what's happenin' ?
Wally !
Wally !
What ?
They won't let nobody in without no uniform.
Seen Betty in there ?
We only been here ten minutes.
Go get 'em, Wally !
Who the hell are you supposed to be, the admiral of the Hollywood navy ?
I'm lookin' for somebody.
How 'bout lookin' for a size 10 up your ass, huh ?
Say, Wally, it's time to throw some chingazos !
Orale, Wally !
Oh, no.
You know what ?
You got a lot of balls comin' here tonight. You know why ?
'Cause when I get through with you, you ain't gonna have none left.
Hit him ! Hit him !
Hit the dude, Wally.
Hey. Como esta ? Que pasa ?
Listen, I'll tell you what.
Since I'm obviously interrupting something important,
he's all yours.
Poor bastard.
I smell something burning.
Yeah, it smells like garbage.
Aaah ! Aaah !
Look, lady, I've had it up to here about my clothes !
Aaaaah !
Wally ! You're on fire !
Ooh ! Aah ! Ohh !

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