1941 (1979): the Restaurant

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Published 26 Nov 2011
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The clip the restaurant from 1941 (1979) with Dan Aykroyd

Get your mind off that dame and back on...
The clip the restaurant from 1941 (1979) with Dan Aykroyd

Get your mind off that dame and back on the job or we'll never get outta here.
This war's been goin' on for the last ten years.
You had Japs in Manchuria in 1931,
the Eye-ties in Ethiopia in 1935,
the Krauts been blitzkrieging your favorite European tourist attractions the last 3 years.
Last year in Africa, it took General O'Connor and his British tanks two months...
to grab Libya and it took Rommel 12 days to get it back.
Jesus ! Look at this creamation !
You're supposed to be drying dishes, not killing people.
Give me that turkey leg. I'll shove it up your ass.
What's the matter with you ? Look at all this good food over here.
Pop, Wally made me cook !
Wally, my ass ! Looka here ! Perfectly good eggs !
What the hell's the matter with you, throwing away food like that ?
Put it back over the stove, warm it up for them fellows out there.
Let's mutilate this food before they can serve it to anyone else.
They are so disgusting.
If you don't quit hanging around with that playboy,
you gonna end up with a record you can't play on the jukebox.
But, Pops--
Pops ? I ain't your Pops !
But, Pops, I've been practicin' all week. I'm takin' dancing lessons.
I seen you dance. You can't dance worth a spit.
Give me that thing. Jesus.
When are you gonna remember which side of the tracks you come from, boy ?
We need more coffee.
Coming right up.
Clean that place up right there !
What's your problem, kid ? You got ants in your pants ?
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