1941 (1979): Dancing Competition


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The clip dancing competition from 1941 (1979)

Attention, please, everyone.
Listen up now, everyone. All right.
Meyer, come on up here.
# Hey, listen #
All right.
The jitterbug contest is about to begin.
And now I'm going to introduce our judge for the contest,
Mr. Meyer Mishkin of RKO Pictures !
RKO Pictures !
Meyer is an agent at RKO Pictures and he's--
Uh, talent scout.
Talent scout. All right.
Tell them about first prize, huh ?
Uh, first prize is a seven-year contract at RKO Pictures.
Seven years ! Did you hear that ?
Let's get outta here so these slobs can't bother us.
You wanna dance with me ? I'm in the USO ! I'll dance with you !
Sailor, please !
Let's get outta here.
I don't wanna go !
Ladies and gentlemen, I want you to count down with me...
on this momentous, tremendous,
absolutely pretty... important occasion.
All right.
We can't go yet. You wanna dance ?
Sure, dolly.
Ten !
What the hell are you-
Hey !
Nine !
You crazy son of a bitch !
Seven !
Help me.
Gimme a break.
Six ! Five !
A what ?
Gimme a break !
Time !
Four !
Three !
Aaah !
Two !
Wait for me, Stretch !
One !
And grab your partner and take it away !
Wait for me, Stretch !
Wally !
Wait a minute, Betty ! We gotta dance !

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