1941 (1979): Aftermath


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The clip aftermath from 1941 (1979)

foreign aircraft, flying both in large formation and singly,
flew over Southern California last night...
and drew heavy barrages of antiaircraft fire--
the first ever to sound over United States continental soil against an enemy invader.
No bombs were reported dropped.
Shortly before 10:00 p.m., police reported...
that an airplane had been shot down into the La Brea Tar Pits.
In other parts of the city,
Fifth Column acts were reported during the air raid.
Mysterious lights were spotted in many locales.
In the Tarzana hills, Burbank police...
saw a string of lights in a "V" form,
pointing toward the Lockheed Aircraft plant.
All right, fall in the yard ! Fall in the yard, men !
Foley, Jones, Reese, Hinshaw ! Ten-hut !
...and immediately Army searchlights shot into the sky.
Sergeant, what happened here ?
Sir, while suppressing a riot on Hollywood Blvd. Iast night with our tank,
I... was, uh, struck unconscious.
My men, however, received a report about a Japanese sub...
off the Santa Monica Pier from a downed Army Air Corps captain.
They responded immediately, went to the objective and at about 2300 hours...
they engaged the enemy.
Damage ?
Uh, the Japanese sunk both our tank and, uh, the ferris wheel, sir.
I think we hit the sub. I saw it go down !
You see, sir, l--
Donna ! Donna ! Donna ! Not now !
Oh, honey.
My girlfriend was there-- There was this wild man--
Is this a long story ?
Yes, sir.
Then save it.
Sir, I'd like to say something.
We've been through a lot, all of us.
We faced the enemy for the first time last night,
right in our own backyards,
and we came together,
put our differences aside and carried on the true spirit of America.
I think no matter what happens, what sacrifices we have to face,

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