1941 (1979): Guns and Yards


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The clip guns and yards from 1941 (1979) with Dan Aykroyd

Calma ! After the war, I'll turn it back to a car.
Right now it's a tank for the Civil Defense.
You promised me a lawn chair on the beach...
in front of Ward's house with binoculars.
That was originally. You still got a chair. You still got binoculars.
Only now you're on top of the ferris wheel in the amusement park.
You don't understand.
I've got a little problem.
I'm afraid of heights. Yeah, yeah.
Can't look down from high up.
What do you call that ? Hydrophobia ?
No problem. Won't bother ya.
You never look down. You just look up.
You sit on top of the ferris wheel with your binoculars spotting aircraft.
You never look down. Up, up, up--
Who's with me ?
Oh, I got a wonderful guy. Very simpatico.
Good man ?
Calm, cool, collected, balanced.
He knows all about heights ? An expert ?
This person is an expert about everything.
That's not defense, Joan. This is defense.
Ward, I have to talk--
Sir, ma'am, please. Let's not fight.
If there's one thing I can't stand, it's seeing Americans fighting Americans.
If you let them keep that gun in our yard, our home will be a target.
Joan, we're all targets in this war.
At least we will be able to shoot back.
How do I work this thing, Sergeant ?
You shouldn't touch it.
There will be a gunnery crew here on Monday to man the ordnance.
Monday ?
Yes, sir.
Where will they go to the bathroom ?
Remember I saw him first. He's mine.
I will not allow you to bring the war into my front yard.
Hello, hello, hello.
Sitarski ! Quit goldbrickin' ! Go in that garage,
find a cement block and stabilize that ordnance.
Move it !
Yes, sir !
You heard your boss. Put me down.
Anything you say, doll.

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