1941 (1979): B-17 Part 2


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The clip b-17 Part 2 from 1941 (1979) with Tim Matheson, John Belushi

What could you and I possibly have to talk about ?
I seem to recall that you always had a very keen interest in aircraft.
Now, take this B-17, for example.
A woman like you is bound to appreciate a plane like the 17.
After all, it's big. It's the biggest one here.
You know what else ? It's got a lot of range.
You know what I mean by range, don't you ?
Oh, sure.
It can stay up for a long time. A very long time.
It's built firm and solid.
It has to be, because of its tremendous forward thrust.
And when this baby delivers its payload,
Oh, Captain. Let's get something straight.
Please do.
I don't like you. I don't like the way you act.
I especially don't like your immature sexual innuendoes.
I was just kidding.
The B-17 happens to be...
the most valuable strategic air bomber...
Damn it !
When I went to flight school, we were taught to secure these.
in the United States Air Corps.
I didn't know you went to flight school.
I only logged in a couple of hours in a little Beechcraft Trainer...
before I got kicked out-- upstairs to become the General's aide.
But can you fly the B-17 ?
B-17 ?
Can you fly the B-25 ?
A plane's a plane.
Can you fly the 24 Liberator ?
Propeller and four wings.
Can you fly the 38 Lightning ?
You can fly one, you can fly them all.
Sure, I could fly the 17.
I'm sorry, Captain. I didn't realize you had a serious interest in strategic bombers.
Donna, my interest is very strategic.
How would you like me to show you the cockpit ?
First let me say the possibility of the Japs bombing us is, at best, remote.

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