1941 (1979): the Submarine Arrives


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The clip the submarine arrives from 1941 (1979) with Lionel Stander

Hey, there's a Kraut on board too.
We've got the whole damn Axis here.
Hey, what're we gonna do ?
Defend our homes, Angelo !
How do you expect to do that, Ward ?
The army gave me a gun. I think it's high time we used it.
Yeah !
Hello ? Hello ?
Hello ! Scioli doesn't answer.
Aw, Jesus Christ, it's a sub ! Look, you guys, a Jap sub !
Holy shit, Herb ! The dummy's right.
Japs. It's a full-scale invasion.
Gimme that phone !
Japs !
Coordinates, 1305--
I knew it, I knew it, I knew it !
That's a Japanese Nakajima Type 97, or I'm a bigger dummy than he is.
Oh, my God, I'm hit. I'm hit !
Look at him burn !

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