1941 (1979): Douglas Family Fighting the Japanese


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The clip douglas family fighting the japanese from 1941 (1979) with Christopher Lee, Bobby Di Cicco

Gus, you can get into anything. Open up this ammunition.
Yes, sir.
Stevie, round up the neighbors.
I'm going to need help getting this gun over to where I can get a clear shot.
Macey, stay close.
Yes, sir !
That nice soldier told you not to touch the ordnance.
Don't you think you should call the army ?
The army doesn't know what they're doing. I can handle this.
Ward, you're acting like Errol Flynn !
Joan, damn it ! Shut up !
Porca miseria ! I just remembered.
I got two guys stuck on top of the ferris wheel. Somebody's gotta get 'em down.
Macey, get on your bike, get over to the amusement pier.
I gotta watch you sink the sub !
That's an order, son.
Yes, sir.
Kid, this is the key to the control box in the ferris wheel.
I know. I know, I know.
Don't touch anything red or silver.
Yeah, I know. I know.
Only blue.
Okay, everybody, over here ! Get on this gun. We gotta move it over there !
We're sinking a Japanese sub tonight.
# The camp is on to your left #
# The camp is on to your left #
Hey, Betty, there's Officer Miller !
That's the flatfoot who sent me up the river !
They're comin' up the beach right now.
Hey, Miller, look at me !
Wally !
Hey, Miller, don't you know it's a blackout ? Turn out your lights !
How'd you like that ?
I liked it just fine.
Are you sure you wanna go through with this, Ward ?
Okay. Okay.
Now, we do this.
Watch it ! Oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh !
Whoa ! All right.
There ! There. Got him right in my sights.

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