Ghost Story (1981): Tramps in Abandoned House Part 2


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The clip tramps in abandoned house Part 2 from Ghost Story (1981)

We know the owner.
There is no owner.
Sure, there is! We've spoken to her.
Our friend.
Our new friend.
No one lives here. Someone lived here.
Someone fantastic.
You've lived in this town all your life, and you don't know?
He knows, doesn't he, fenny?
Maybe he'd like to play with us, fenny.
What? Maybe it's time he joined our little game.
Yeah. You're gonna be seeing some unusual...
And interesting things before we're through, Ricky!
No. And you might say...
You're gonna be having the time of your life.
You know, Ricky,
You're not gonna know if you're reaping or sowing.
You won't know up from down. And, Ricky,
We're going to tear the soul of this pathetic town...
And crush its bare bones between our teeth!
Fenny did good, didn't he, lady?
Excellent. You liked that, didn't you?
I loved it. Now I'll tell you what we're going to do next.
That's him!
Gregory bate.
Are you sure, mr. Hawthorne?

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