Ghost Story (1981): Mourning Edward


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The clip mourning edward from Ghost Story (1981)

Rick, that's pathetic!
Thank god you're back! Everyone's been calling! A ninny!
And so are you, if you keep believing such twaddle!
He saw him! Edward was doing something on that bridge.
I can't imagine what, but something!
He was walking- I have another idea.
We've got to help the boy.
You talk as if he was 12 years old.
I'm sure Edward left him well provided for.
Why don't you tell him how grateful he should be?
Take it easy, now.
To know a man over 50 years.
You'd think you knew what he was capable of!
You're not doing your blood pressure any good.
My blood?
Mr. James, it's Joel Brenner over at the Urbanite.
Wants to know if you'll write something about the mayor for the paper.
Ricky, you take care of it.
What shall I say?
My God. He went off the bridge!
Say whatever you damn please.
I can't believe it.
Come on, come on. You better
I can't believe it!
Come on, you better go home now.
You- I'll call you later.
You knew him as well as I did, Ricky. He couldn't.
I don't believe it!
Not now, Ricky.
Yes. Now.

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