Jurassic Park (1993): Entering the Park


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The clip entering the park from Jurassic Park (1993) with Bob Peck, Richard Attenborough

National Weather Service is tracking a tropical storm...
National Weather Service is tracking a tropical storm...
about 75 miles west of us.
Aye-yi-yi-yi. Why didn't I build in Orlando?
I'll keep an eye on it. Maybe it'll spring south like the last one.
Ray, start the tour program.
Hold onto your butts.
And why did they put the fiberglass thing?
I know.
What kind of dinosaurs are we gonna see now?
Hey, lookit! A ghost, a ghost! Aah! Oh, no. It's driving.
Turn in your fear at the door and join the future, right?
Oh, God help us. We're in the hands of engineers.
During most of your tour, the appropriate information...
will be automatically selected and displayed for you.
Hey, look! Simply touch the area of the screen displaying...
the appropriate icon. Are we gonna hit that?
Welcome to Jurassic Park.
What have they got in there, King Kong?
The voice you're now hearing is Richard Kiley.
We spared no expense. If you look to the right,
you will see a herd of the first dinosaurs on our tour, called Dilophosaurus.
Oh, shit!
One of the earliest carnivores,
we now know Dilophosaurus is actually poisonous,
spitting its venom at its prey, causing blindness and eventually paralysis,

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