Jurassic Park (1993): Making an Inspection


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The clip making an inspection from Jurassic Park (1993) with Martin Ferrero, Miguel Sandoval

Apuesto mil pesos que se cae.
Hola, Juanito. Hola. Bienvenido.
What's this I hear at the airport?
Hammond's not even here? He sends his apologies.
We are facing a $20-million lawsuit by the family of that worker,
and you're telling me that Hammond can't even be bothered to see me?
He wants to be with his daughter. She's getting a divorce.
I understand that, but we've been advised to deal with the situation now.
The insurance company
The underwriters feel that the accident has raised...
some very serious safety questions about the park.
That makes the investors very, very anxious.
I had to promise to conduct a very thorough on-site inspection.
Hammond hates inspections. They slow everything down.
Juanito, they'll pull the funding. Jefe, jefe!
That'll slow him down more. Encontramos otros mosquitos.
Seguro? A ver, muestrame. Si, venga.
Ooh! Aaah! Watch your head.
If two experts sign off on the island,
the insurance guys will back off.
I've already got Ian Malcolm, but they think he's too trendy.
They want Alan Grant. Grant? You'll never get him out of Montana.
Luz, mas luz! Why not?
Muchachos, echenme luz! Si.
Why not?
Because Grant's like me.
He's a digger.
Que lindo eres.
Vas a ser-

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