Shakespeare in Love (1998): the True Nature of Love


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The clip the true nature of love from Shakespeare in Love (1998)

The queen asks for you. Answer well.
Is there a man?
A man, my lord?
There was a man, a poet. A theater poet, I think.
Does he come to the house?
A theater poet?
An insolent penny-a-page rogue! Marlowe, he said. Christopher Marlowe.
Has he been to the house?
Oh, yes. He is the one.
Lovely waistcoat. Shame about the poetry.
That dog!
Your Majesty.
Stand up straight, girl.
I've seen you.
You are the one who comes to all the plays at Whitehall, at Richmond.
Your Majesty.
What do you love so much?
Your Majesty-
Speak up, girl!
I know who I am.
Do you love stories of kings and queens?
Of feats of arms?
Or is it courtly love?
I love theater.
To have stories acted for me by a company of fellows is indeed-
They're not acted for you; they are acted for me. And?

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