Shakespeare in Love (1998): Writer's Block


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The clip writer's block from Shakespeare in Love (1998)

Words, words, words.
Once, I had the gift.
I could make love out of words as a potter makes cups of clay.
Love that overthrows empires.
Love that binds two hearts together, come hellfire and brimstone.
For sixpence a line, I could cause a riot in a nunnery.
But now-
And yet you tell me you lie with women.
Black Sue, Fat Phoebe,
Rosaline, Burbage's seamstress, Aphrodite, who does it behind-
Yes, now and again. What of it?
I have lost my gift.
I am here to help you.
Tell me, in your own words.
It's as if my quill is broken,
as if the organ of my imagination has dried up,
as if the proud tower of my genius has collapsed.
Nothing comes.
Most interesting.
It's like trying to pick a lock with a wet herring.
Tell me, are you lately humbled in the act of love?
How long has it been?
A goodly length in times past, but lately-
No, no. You have a wife, children?
I was a lad of 18.
Anne Hathaway was a woman half as old again.
A woman of property?
She had a cottage.
One day she was three months gone with child, so
And your relations?
On my mother's side, the Ardens.
No, your marriage bed.
Four years and a hundred miles away in Stratford.
A cold bed, too, since the twins were born.
Banishment was a blessing.
So, now you are free to love-
Yet cannot love, nor write it.

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