Shakespeare in Love (1998): New Shakespeare Play


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The clip new Shakespeare play from Shakespeare in Love (1998) with Tom Wilkinson, Geoffrey Rush

Henslowe, do you know what happens to a man who doesn't pay his debts?
His boots catch fire!
Why do you howl!...
when it is I who am bitten?
What am I, Mr. Lambert?
Bitten, Mr. Fennyman.
How badly bitten, Mr. Frees?
Twelve pounds, one schilling and fourpence, Mr. Fennyman, including interest.
Aaah! I can pay you!
Two weeks! Three weeks at the most! Oh, for pity's sake!
Take them out.
Where will you find...
Sixteen pounds, five schillings and ninepence.
Including interest, in three weeks?
I have a wonderful new play.
Put them back in.
It's a comedy!
Cut off his nose.
It's a new comedy by William Shakespeare.
And his ears.
And a share!
We will be partners, Mr. Fennyman!
It's a crowd-tickler.
Mistaken identities. Shipwreck. Pirate king.
A bit with a dog, and love triumphant.
I think I've seen it.
I didn't like it.
But this time it is by Shakespeare.
What's it called?
Romeo and Ethel, the Pirate's Daughter.
Good title.
A play takes time. Find the actors, rehearsals.
Let's say we open in two weeks.
That's, what, 500 groundlings at tuppence a head.
In addition, 400 backsides at threepence, a penny extra for cushions.
Call it, uh, 200 cushions.
Say two performances for safety. How much is that, Mr. Frees?

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