Shakespeare in Love (1998): Romeo and Juliet's Ending Scene


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The clip Romeo and Juliet's ending scene from Shakespeare in Love (1998)

Take thou this vial, being then in bed,
and this distilling liquor drink thou off.
No warmth, no breath, shall testify thou livest.
And in this borrowed likeness of shrunk death...
thou shalt continue two and forty hours,
and then awake as from a pleasant sleep.
What ho! Apothecary!
Come hither, man. I see that thou art poor.
Hold, there is 40 ducats.
Let me have a dram of poison-
Such mortal drugs I have,
but Mantua's law is death to any he that utters them.
Art thou so-
My poverty, but not my will, consents.
I pay thy poverty and not thy will.
Eyes, look your last.
Arms, take your last embrace.
And, lips,
oh, you, the doors of breath,
seal with a righteous kiss...
the dateless bargain...
to engrossing death.
Come, bitter conduct.
Come, unsavory guide.
Thou, desperate pilot, now at once...
run on the dashing rocks thy seasick weary bark.
Here's to my love!
Oh... true apothecary!
Thy drugs are quick.
Thus with a kiss...

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