Shakespeare in Love (1998): Viola's Fate


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The clip Viola's fate from Shakespeare in Love (1998) with Colin Firth, Judi Dench

Your Majesty.
Why, Lord Wessex.
Lost your wife so soon?
Indeed I am a bride short,
and my ship sails for the new world on the evening tide.
How is this to end?
As stories must when love's denied-
with tears and a journey.
Those whom God has joined in marriage...
not even I can put asunder.
Master Kent.
Lord Wessex, as I foretold, has lost his wife in the playhouse.
Go make your farewell and send her out.
It's time to settle accounts.
How much was that wager?
Fifty shillings.
Give it to Master Kent. He will see it rightfully home.
Tell Master Shakespeare something more cheerful next time...
for Twelfth Night.
Too late.

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