PTU (2003): Canton Road


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The clip canton road from PTU (2003) with Simon Yam

Car keys.
Boss, I'll have the boys come with you.
Don't follow me!
If Eye Ball isn't dead by tonight, what will people think of me?
Follow him.
Sergeant, we should go now.
It's 4 a. m.!
Go check out those two and question them thoroughly.
Yes, sir!
Don't be a smart-ass, officer.
Why are we avoiding Canton Road?
Call the inspector and find out where he is.
And get yourself back there.
What should I tell him?
Should I say Fatty told you not to go to Canton Road?
Whatever you want to say.
Didn't you say "Same uniform, same family"?
I, too, am wearing a uniform!
You know that it's not right!
You're putting him in danger. We'll all get in trouble for this!
It's not too late to stop him.

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