PTU (2003): a Dead Cop


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The clip a dead cop from PTU (2003)

Now the headlines.
At North point this morning,
four gunmen robbed $18 million from an armored car.
Driver, louder please!
One officer was shot in the head and pronounced dead 15 minutes ago...
Another funeral to attend.
Idiot! What does he expect charging in without backup?
I've worked with him before.
In one of the operations last year, he was too nervous to hold the gun steady.
Where did he get the courage this time?
It's still early. This means we can't have fun.
He should have saved it for the girls!
We'll finish the job for them.
One of our comrades just died.
What would have happened if Ga Loi heard this?
What would have happened if his family members heard this?
He is still one of us.
Whatever it is, the most important thing is getting home.

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