PTU (2003): Cover-up


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The clip cover-up from PTU (2003)

currently stationed in Sub-Unit 2 of the air squadron.
I'm Inspector Cheng Li-Guan, code number 56472,
currently stationed in the Criminal Investigation Department
based in Kowloon Headquarters.
I'm Chief Inspector, code number 764763, Lo Sa,
based in Tsim Sha Tsui, Anti-Triad Unit Number 2.
Friday, September 15th, 2000.
When I was investigating a murder case...
At about 4 a. m.,
when my unit patrolled Canton Road,
we encountered four suspicious men,
so we went to investigate.
They resisted and opened fire at us.
I passed by Canton Road while off duty and was caught...
in the middle of the confrontation between the police and the mob.
So I offered assistance and fired two shots.
At this time, one mobster tried to escape.
I chased after him all the way to the back alley.
He then aimed his gun at me. I was forced to fire back.
I fired two shots at him.
In the end, all four suspects were killed.

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