D-Tox (2002): Voice of a Murderer


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The clip voice of a murderer from D-Tox (2002)

Who was he?
Your stand-in.
Oh, you mean the real Mr Slater I tracked up here.
Last I saw, he was detoxing at the bottom of a frozen lake.
I didn't think you'd mind me borrowing his name and his badge.
From there, it was easy. Ijust came here and blended in.
You're real good at blending in, aren't ya, scumbag?
Is that how you found out about this place? Just blending in at the cop bar?
That doesn't matter now.
What matters is I got to you before you got to me.
People will ask if I was insane.
Just the opposite. An insane man could not have accomplished this.
All these deaths, including Mary's, weren't irrational.
They were to prove a point.
You cannot control what nature intended, Malloy.
We 're born to perform a duty, which I've done.
And so you finally see me.
Now what?
You know, you never feel more alive than when you're watching someone else die.
Like when I stared at poor Mary.
But once again, Malloy,
you're too late.
Now I imagine you are staring at poor Noah.

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