The Invisible Man (1933): Hiding Kemp


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The clip hiding kemp from The Invisible Man (1933)

You see? It covers a fairly wide range.
Now, I've got 20 of these guns and a good man to each.
One splash of this on his skin and we've got something to follow at last.
Why not paint the top of the wall?
Because he'd smell it.
I've got a better plan. I'm going to put a thin layer of loose earth on top of the wall.
The slightest touch will disturb it, and we've got him trapped.
Oh, I see. Pretty good.
Quick march!
They think they're very clever.
All right, take him straight inside.
20 minutes to ten. Keep your eyes open now, boys.
Here, quick, sir.
I heard footsteps outside, soft footsteps, like naked feet.
Come on.
Where are you going to?
The mountains, 100 miles away.
Drive away quickly.

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