The Invisible Man (1933): Griffin's Nefarious Plans


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The clip Griffin's nefarious plans from The Invisible Man (1933)

Now, Dr Cranley, you're concealing something from me.
One moment.
Why were you and your daughter in this house at two o'clock this morning?
Dr Kemp called me up. He told me the man was here.
He wanted my help.
Why did he ring you before the police?
Why did your daughter come too?
She came to drive the car.
You know who the invisible man is, Doctor.
I understand you have another assistant besides Dr Kemp, a Dr Griffin.
Where is Dr Griffin?
He's gone away.
It is Griffin! What's the good of concealing it?
It's Griffin, and he's threatened to murder me.
He may be here now, in the garden looking through the window,
or in the corner of my bedroom waiting for me, waiting to kill me!
And you all sit there doing nothing! Nothing!
We've doubled the search party around Kemp's house.
Nothing to report, sir. The policeman's trousers were found a mile away.
That's all.
Well, it's beaten me.
I'll give ?1,000 for a practical idea.
He's roaming the country at will, a madman.
Here I am. Aren't you pleased you've found me?
Would you like to keep him company?
Stand away! Keep back!
Thank you.
Give me ?5 worth of silver, please.

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