The Invisible Man (1933): Worrying About Jack Part 2


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The clip worrying about jack Part 2 from The Invisible Man (1933) with Claude Rains

Yet he wouldn't say a word to explain. I've never seen him like it before.
He was always so keen to tell me about his experiments.
He meddled in things men should leave alone.
Your father's a scientist. He's discovered more about preserving food than anyone.
Jack and I were employed to help him. That's a plain, straightforward job.
It's not romantic, but it saves hundreds of deaths and stomachaches.
What things should men leave alone?
He worked in secret. He kept a lot of stuff locked in a big cupboard in his laboratory.
He never opened it until he'd barred the door and drawn the blinds.
Straightforward scientists have no need for barred doors and drawn blinds.
He cares nothing for you, Flora.
He'll never care about anything but test tubes and chemicals.
How can he go away like this without a word?
Flora, dear. Please, darling, let me tell you how I feel.
I can't work or sleep until I know.
Leave me alone! How can you?

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