Casual Sex? (1988): Introduction Part 2 2


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The clip introduction Part 2 2 from Casual Sex? (1988) with Lea Thompson

Except Ronny, who knew even less about sex than I did.
Please, Ronny, you're my best male friend.
The first time I do it, I want it to be with someone I'm comfortable with.
OK. But let's not get all freaked out afterwards.
Thanks, I really appreciate it.
I guess I should undress now?
That would be good.
You want foreplay?
Yeah. That...
would be good.
I was especially hot for artistic types with potential.
Like Baylor Schneff, neo-post-pop-Expressionist.
His lovemaking was just like his art.
Primitive, but passionate.
Brian Ellis, lead guitarist with Dripping Sweat.
I couldn't get enough of those backstage passes.
Gunther Kroger, the sous chef that trained me.
He taught me to trust my instincts in the kitchen.
Joey Eagans, the closing act at the Giggle Box.
His timing was even better horizontally.
But not every man in my life was an artistic genius.
Some, I must admit, were very attractive strangers.
It was the early Eighties and sex was still a good way to meet people.
Uh, excuse me.

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