Casual Sex? (1988): Vinny Gets Rejected


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The clip vinny gets rejected from Casual Sex? (1988)

Vinny, look, you don't have to walk me all the way there.
Oh, no. No, no, I'm your date, you're my responsibility.
Safety. There are a lot of creeps around here, you don't know that.
All right, Vinny, thanks. Bye.
Hey, that's nice carpet you got in there. Is that new?
Vinny, that's it, the date's over.
Vinny, look, you've been all over me for the past three hours
and I've been tolerant because it seems there's a funny, appealing guy in there.
Good night.
I'll come in, we'll talk about it. That's a valid point.
Yeah, I mean, er...
Uh, maybe we'll do it again sometime, I don't know.
I gotta go anyway. Really.
No, no, Stacy. Stacy, don't beg, it don't look good on you.
Really, another time, please.
I mean, I realise I'm the best from the East, I'm a wild crazy beast,
I'm the Vin Man.
Please, honey, not tonight.

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