Casual Sex? (1988): Arriving in the Health Spa


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The clip arriving in the health spa from Casual Sex? (1988)

Hot Hot Hot]
Yessah ha-ha...
We're so colour-coordinated.
We're gonna be the best-looking there.
Me mind on fire Me soul on fire
Feeling hot, hot, hot
Party people all around me
Feeling hot, hot, hot
What to do on a night like this
Music sweet, I can't resist
We need a party song
A fundamental jam
Feeling hot, hot, hot...
You two got the biggest room here.
It was the honeymoon suite when this was a hotel.
Why don't you two take a look around and I'll get your luggage up to your room.
Ready to go break some hearts?
Bye, darling.
See people rocking Hear people chanting
Feeling hot, hot, hot...
Oh, wow!
This is beautiful.
Oh, God, I feel so much healthier and we just checked in.
It's in the air Celebrating time
Music sweet Captivate your mind
We have this party song
This fundamental jam
So we go rum-bum-bum-bum
Hot, hot, hot...

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