The Front Page (1974): Hiding Earl in the Desk

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The clip hiding earl in the desk from The Front Page (1974) Hey, who locked the door? Anybody in there? Uh...
The clip hiding earl in the desk from The Front Page (1974) Hey, who locked the door? Anybody in there? Uh, just a minute. Open up, will you? In here. No, that's no good. You better climb out on... No, not with that arm. What the hell's going on? Oh, my God! The desk! For Christ's sake, we gotta get to the phones. What's the trouble? Hildy's in there and won't open the door. Hey, Hildy. What's the big idea? Hold your water. I'm coming. Dead quiet. Don't even breathe. I'll be right here, Earl. I won't leave you. Gee, Mollie, you're swell. What are you trying to do, kick down the building? This some kind of game? You don't own this office. Shit, man, we got work to do. Watch your language. Oh, I beg your pardon, ma'am. Kinda cozy, with the shades down. Are you practicing for your honeymoon? City desk. What happened? Did they get Williams? They couldn't catch a fart in a rain barrel. Halloween going on out there. Murphy. You ready? Sheriff's rifle squad stormed offices of Friends of American Liberty, fired off 800 rounds of ammunition. Casualties included a water cooler, two mimeograph machines and Rufus McBride, a deaf janitor. During the shootout, Mrs. Phoebe DeWolfe, aged 33, watching from a window across the street gave premature birth to a five-and-a-half-pound baby boy. Sheriff's deputies examined the infant to make sure it wasn't Earl Williams, who they knew was hiding somewhere. What a screw-up. Right now my boss is throwing a costume ball in San Simeon with Marion Davies and Ronald Coleman and Vilma Banky. Okay. Here goes. Special Deputy Herman Shulty, the Sheriff's brother-in-law, who was leading a search party through the Wrigley Building has sent out a call for immediate help. Somebody stole his police car. City desk. Give me rewrite. The wounded janitor was taken to Passavant Hospital where he joins Dr. Eggelhofer and the six deputies injured by tear gas. They're opening up a special wing.