The Front Page (1974): a Reprieve for Earl Williams


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The clip a reprieve for earl williams from The Front Page (1974) with Harold Gould, Paul Benedict

Uh, Sheriff Hartman?
In here.
Oh, my name is Plunkett.
I just came up from Springfield.
I got somethin' for you. What?
From the Governor.
What's from the Governor?
It's a reprieve for Earl Williams.
For who?
Earl Williams.
What a hassle getting over here from the station.
All those police cars on the wrong side of the street
and runnin' the red lights.
Is this a joke or something?
The Governor has a commission to consider
last-minute appeals for clemency.
He can't do that to us.
Oh, there was a stack of mail this high
and a telegram this long with 4,000 signatures.
How do we know this is not fake?
Yeah. Could be some sort of a Communist trick.
Oh, no. I was right there with the Governor when he signed it.
Get the Governor on the phone. Oh, you can't.
We can't? He's gone fishing.
Just him, an Indian guide, and a canoe.
No phone, no nothin'.
He sure picked a hell of a time to go fishing.
Excuse me.
Uh, just between us, it's not really fishing.
Because that Indian guide is really a girl.
She isn't even Indian. She's from New Jersey.
Yes, Jacobi.
What? You do?
Are you sure? Herbie. Your Honor!
Hold on a minute.
It's Jacobi. They've got him trapped.
They've surrounded the building.
Tell him to stay on the line.
Stay on the line.
Don't make a move till I say so.
Look, Mr. Plunkett, about this reprieve, we can't accept it.
But why not?
It wouldn't be legal.
We don't have Earl Williams in our custody.
You don't? Where is he?
He escaped.
You saw those police cars.
We're looking for him.
Oh, dear. That is a problem.
I think I better phone the Governor.
You can't. He's off fishing. Remember?
So, why don't you come back tomorrow morning?
I'm sure by then, we'll have him back in our jurisdiction.
You mean, spend the night in Chicago?
Any objections?
Well, no, sirree, Bob.
Trouble is, I don't know anybody here.
Do you like Chinese food?
Well, I'm not really hungry, I had a sandwich on the train.
But you didn't have a Chinese sandwich.
I never heard of it.

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