The Front Page (1974): Walter Takes Control

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The clip walter takes control from The Front Page (1974) with Walter Matthau Yeah. Where is he? I think I'...
The clip walter takes control from The Front Page (1974) with Walter Matthau Yeah. Where is he? I think I'm gonna be sick. Come on, come on. There's no time for that. Where have you got Williams? Pull those shades. Hi, Earl. How you doing? Don't worry, I'm your friend. Where's Mollie? What happened? What did they do to her? She's gonna be all right. Let me out! I can't stand it! Just stay where you are. You're sitting pretty. Now, then, let's get organized. Hello. Burns here, get me Duffy. I don't hear that typewriter, Hildy. Get your ass over there. I want some of that old Johnson word magic. What're you waiting for? I'm waiting for my girl, that's what I'm waitin' for. She's gonna pick me up. Your girl? What are you, some puking college boy? This is the hottest story since the Chicago fire! We'll make monkeys out of all the other papers. We'll kick City Hall over like an applecart. Expose the bastards, huh? Expose them? We'll crucify 'em! You and I will be running this town. They'll be naming streets after us. Johnson Street. Burns Boulevard. How come you're a boulevard, I'm only a street? Duffy? Where the hell is Duffy? Somebody answer me! Y Y-Yes? Get your head back in there, you goddamn turtle. Quit stalling, Hildy. Get that machine and tear into it. Now, listen, Earl, when I rap three times, that means the coast is clear. Understand? Attaboy. How long do you think you can hide him in there? No problem. We take him to the Examiner, keep him under wraps until we can break the story exclusive. How're you gonna get him outta here? The cops will see him. Not if he's inside the desk. You're gonna move the whole desk? How? We'll lower it out of the window if necessary. Duffy? Duffy! Where the hell have you been? Screw your diabetes. Here's what I want you to do. Send over one of our delivery trucks right away with six gorillas from circulation.