The Front Page (1974): Sending Bensinger to Duffy


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The clip sending bensinger to duffy from The Front Page (1974)

Hey, open up in there.
Oh, shit!
Who's that?
Bensinger. Tribune. That's his desk.
I'll handle this. What did you say his name was?
Kind of exclusive aren't you, Johnson?
Hello, Bensinger.
Oh, Mr. Burns.
It's quite an honor having you here.
You know my name?
Do I know his name?
Hildy and I were just talking about you.
That was one swell story you had in the Tribune this morning.
Oh, thank you, Mr. Burns. Did you care for the poem?
The poem? That's what made it.
I'm rather proud of the ending:
"And all is well outside his cell
"But in his heart he hears
"The hangman calling And the gallows falling
And his white-haired mother's tears"
A classic.
Bensinger, how would you like to work for me?
You mean that, Mr. Burns?
I'm not just whistling Dixie.
Duffy, I'm sending Bensinger over to see you.
Marvin, isn't it?
Oh, no, no. Roy. Roy V.
You sure? Roy Bensinger, the poet.
Put him right on the staff.
How much you getting at the Tribune?
Give him $100 and a by-line.
Is that truck on the way over yet? Good.
They're coming to pick up your desk. My desk?
Ah, you shouldn't be working a police beat. I want you right at my elbow.
Now, get over to the office and report to Duffy.
You mean, right now?
Oh, I couldn't quit the Tribune just like that.
It wouldn't be ethical.
You don't owe them a damn thing.
Well, they have been treating me rather shabbily.
The way they edit my copy. They just butcher it.
On the Examiner, your copy will be sacred.
Sacred. Sacred.
Roy, here's your first assignment.
I want you to make up a prayer for the city of Chicago.
We'll carry it on the editorial page.
"Our Father, who art in Heaven,
last year there were 421 unsolved murders... "
All set up in boldface Gothic.
Okay. I'll just get my rhyming dictionary.

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