The Front Page (1974): a New Theory Part 2


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The clip a new theory Part 2 from The Front Page (1974)

Like you did on that St. Valentine's Day Massacre.
Yeah. Sending us to the wrong garage.
You think we forgot that?
That's the business. Dog eat dog.
What're you trying to pull now?
Me? I've quit.
One last stunt to make us look stupid.
That wouldn't be too hard.
Give us the lowdown.
You're on to something.
You wouldn't hold out on your pals.
You shan't scoop us this time.
All right, fellas. I was lyin'.
But I'm gonna level with you now.
You better.
The address of that garage is 2122 North Clark Street.
You miserable bastard!
What are they doing to Mr. Johnson?

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