The Front Page (1974): Hildy is Getting Married Part 3


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The clip hildy is getting married Part 3 from The Front Page (1974)

When you did that interview with Earl Williams in the death house,
our circulation went up 75,000.
It's been your story right from the beginning.
You can't run out now.
Can't I? Watch me.
Because, hot or cold, rain or shine,
I'm gonna be on the midnight train to Philadelphia.
Okay, you ungrateful son of a bitch.
I picked you up when you were a nothing,
covering Polack weddings on the South side.
I taught you everything I knew.
And now when I need you, you stab me in the back.
Well, I can take the greenest cub out there
and turn him into a better reporter than you ever were.
Fix him another Bromo.
Get out of here, you lousy, double-crossing heel.
Well, as long as there's no hard feelings.
You really gonna let him go?
In a pig's eye.
Marrying some dame that plays the organ
from Philadelphia, for Christ's sake.

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