The Front Page (1974): Hildy Reports His Scoop


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The clip hildy reports his scoop from The Front Page (1974)

How're we doing? Any flashes, any scoops?
It's almost deadline time, you know.
You still here?
Showing the kid the ropes. Listen, Rudy, the Mayor's car drove up.
See if you can get a statement from him.
The Mayor just showed up. More later.
There's gonna be fireworks.
This is Hildy, get me Walter.
I forgot to tell you, Miss Peggy Grant called.
Peggy? Oh, my God, I forgot. Walter?
Will you get out of here?
Walter, I got the story.
It's a pip, and I got it exclusive.
That's my Hildy. You see why I love you?
Okay, let's have it.
It's the jailbreak of your dreams.
No. No Bolshevik plot. The whole thing was an inside job.
And guess where he got the gun?
All loaded and ready to fire?
Damn it, hang on, will you?
Yeah? Peggy. Hi, baby. Hi.
I'm sorry. I know I'm late, darling. But-
No, I'm not getting drunk.
The party's already over. It's just-
For God's sake, wait a minute, Walter.
We could save time, love. Instead of me coming downtown,
why don't you grab a cab and pick me up on the way. How about that?
You're a sweetheart.
Okay, Walter, here we go.
That profound thinker from Vienna, Dr. Max J. Eggelhofer
in order to prove some cockamamie theory
decides to reenact the crime.
Naturally, he needs a gun, huh.
Who do you think supplied it?
Don't tell me. Sheriff Peter B. Hartman?
That's right. "B" for brains.
That idiot hands his gun to the Professor,
the Professor points it at Williams,
Williams takes the gun from the Professor and shoots him,
right where the money is.
That's beautiful. Where's Eggelhofer now?
Okay, here's what I want you to do.
Get to the hospital and get ahold of that bullet.
So, if the Sheriff tries to deny the story-
Hold it. Walter, I'm not going to any hospital, not stealing any bullets.
There may be further developments.
In the meantime, bat me out a lead.
You know, "Sheriff Hartman: Stooge of Stalin or simply stupid?"

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