The Front Page (1974): Reporting the Jailbreak


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The clip reporting the jailbreak from The Front Page (1974)

What happened to your bucket, Jennie?
He shot it.
Who shot it?
That Earl Williams.
I was cleaning the office next door when it all happened.
You saw it?
No. But I could hear what was going on.
I better keep my mouth shut, 'cause he wouldn't like it.
The Sheriff. He'd fire me.
Jennie, we've been friends for a long time.
You told me that your husband could play his dentures with a teaspoon,
who got him on the Amateur Hour?
Well, I really shouldn't, but I
Attention all cars, attention.
A man answering Earl Williams' description has been seen boarding
southbound trolley at Cottage Grove and Austen.
Please investigate.
Earl Williams has been reported
in vicinity of Wrigley building.
Proceed there immediately.
Here's a late report.
Earl Williams has just been spotted in a rowboat
on Lake Michigan disguised as a nun.

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