The Front Page (1974): Debriefing the Reports

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Published 10 Nov 2011
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The clip debriefing the reports from The Front Page (1974)

What happened?
How did he get out of your rubbe...
The clip debriefing the reports from The Front Page (1974)

What happened?
How did he get out of your rubber jail?
Any clue to his whereabouts?
We got to have a statement, Pete.
Come on, Pete.
If you'll just shut up I'll give you a statement.
Mad Dog Williams shot his way out.
My men chased him up to the top floor,
but he got out through the skylight.
We've searched the roof, nothing.
We figured he must've slid down the rain pipe to the street.
Still not straight on what happened in your office.
I told you Dr. Eggelhofer
was asking him some questions, very polite.
All of a sudden, Williams started firing.
One bullet hit the doctor in the groin, the second one went wild,
and the third shot just grazed my ear.
One more inch and... Oh, boy.
What we want to know is, where did Williams get the gun?
Yeah, well, tha-that's what I'd like to know, myself.
Was it smuggled into his cell?
Maybe under the roast beef and Brussels sprouts?
You sure that Chaplain's a Methodist, not a Communist?
Is this the work of outside agitators?
Boys, boys, I assure you I'll follow up every single lead.
Right now, my entire force plus 200 special deputies-
Make way. Make way. Make way!
What happened in there, Doc?
Care to give us your version?
Is Williams sane or insane?
Please, gentlemen, no statements, no questions.
I'm in terrible pain
after what he did to me, that fruitcake.
Stand back, let him through.
Where are they taking me?
Passavant hospital. Just 5 minutes from here.
No. No. No. No.
I want to go to the Allgemeines Krankenhaus
on Alserstrasse.
Where is that?
In Vienna. I do not trust American doctors.
You'll never make it to Vienna.
In this case, I want a big mirror and some instruments.
I shall operate on myself.
Is this your first trip to the United States?
How do you like Chicago?
Sprechen sie Yiddish?
Where'd he get you, Doc? Right in the old love bells?
Pete, if you don't mind, there's a couple of things
about that story that bother me.
Is that so? Well, you're bothering me.
You don't work here anymore, Johnson.
I don't have to talk to you.
Jennie, will you mop up my floor, please?
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