The Front Page (1974): Mollie Maloy

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The clip mollie maloy from The Front Page (1974) with Carol Burnett, Charles Durning I've been lookin' for...
The clip mollie maloy from The Front Page (1974) with Carol Burnett, Charles Durning I've been lookin' for you bums. Hello, sweetheart. Well, if it isn't Miss Mollie Malloy. Nooky-nooky. How's the old tomato can? Go on, laugh, damn you. Hey, Mollie, those were pretty roses you sent Earl Williams. What do you want done with them when he checks out? He left a 7:00 a. m. call. Bunch of wisenheimers, ain't you? Well, you know what I think of you. You gonna pay a call on your boyfriend? He's right across the courtyard, Mollie. I'm sure he'd rather spend his last night with you than with the chaplain. If you was worth breaking my fingernails on, I'd tear your puss wide open. Would someone mind introducing me to the lady? Lady? Huh. Just get a whiff of that perfume, Fleur de Floozy. Bastards. All of you. What are you sore about, huh? Wasn't that a swell write-up we gave you? I never said I loved Earl Williams and was willing to marry him on the gallows. You made that up. Come on, you've been sucking around that cuckoo ever since he's been in the death house. Everybody knows you're his soul mate. That's a lot of bunk. Like all that other stuff you been writin'. Calling me an Angel of the Pavement, a Midnight Madonna. Who're you kidding? I'm a $2 whore from Division Street, and you know it. That's right. She shouldn't be allowed in here. And that love nest you had with Williams? That's a lie. He never even laid a hand on me. You had that red in your bed for three days and nights. Did he have that kind of money? Or did you make him a special price? The poor guy didn't have enough for a cup of coffee. He used to hang around Division Street every night, handin' out leaflets. Tellin' us how we were being exploited by capitalism and that we should organize. So the pimps came around and beat him up. And there he was, lyin' on the sidewalk, bleedin'. With his glasses broken. So I took him up to my place, like any human being would. That was a very charitable thing to do. Yeah. Meet Florence Nightingale. Sure, I took care of him. And for three days and three nights he just talked to me. Treated me decent. Not like an animal. Now, you guys are trying to make a fool out of me. Why didn't you adopt him instead of letting him run around shooting policemen? I told him to stay away from that corner.