The Front Page (1974): Hildy's Replacement


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The clip hildy's replacement from The Front Page (1974)

Make it two bits.
I'm shy a quarter.
Too rich for me.
Can I clean up in here?
Hey, listen. I'm the big loser here.
Somebody must be winning.
Crack it for a dime.
By me.
I'm in.
A deuce, I can't read it.
Pair of fours.
Pair of kings, bets a quarter.
Oh, I'm out.
Good evening.
That's your light.
Give me a card.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
Sorry to interrupt, but which is the Examiner desk?
The what?
This is the pressroom, isn't it?
I'm Rudy Keppler.
I'm here to cover the execution for the Examiner.
The Examiner? How come?
What happened to Hildy?
Mr. Johnson is no longer with the paper.
What do you mean?
He resigned. Is this my place?
You're joking.
From what I heard, he's getting married and moving to Philadelphia.
Come on, not Hildy.
I thought he was married to Walter Burns.
He'll never give him a divorce.
This place won't be the same without Hildy.
Well, I would hope so.
I've always found him rowdy, ill-mannered, and irresponsible.
But a hell of a reporter.
No contest.
That's why I'm so nervous.
Following in his footsteps.
Being here with all of you old pros.
Hey, I'll bet you went to college.
School of Journalism?
How'd you guess?
University of Wisconsin, Class of '27.
Oh, that was a good year.
We could sure use some new blood around here.
That's for sure.
Hey, you play poker?
Cribbage is my game.
And a little auction bridge.
Don't worry. We'll break you in.
That's very kind of you. But right now,
is there any paper around here?
Hey, Bensinger, why don't you give him some of that pink stuff?
I think you're all being perfectly beastly to this nice young man.

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