The Front Page (1974): Talking About Marriage


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The clip talking about marriage from The Front Page (1974)

Where do you want these, Mr. Johnson?
Any place.
The lady said- All right.
Those are my bags. What are they doing here?
The lady sent them up. Peggy?
Oh, I don't know her name,
but she sure was crying when that taxi drove off.
Okay. Okay.
Crying? What did I do wrong?
Nothing. Those were tears of happiness.
She had a narrow escape and so did you.
Well, I don't want to escape.
I'm nuts about her. I want to marry her.
But I wouldn't expect you to understand a thing like that.
Don't tell me about women.
That dame in Waukegan chopped up her husband
and flushed him down the drain on their honeymoon.
He was nuts about her, too.
And that Mrs. Haggerty.
Knocked off six husbands by sprinkling arsenic on their prune whip.
That's marriage for you.
You think you got it made?
No home, no family, no friends.
Eating cold beans outta tin cans,
sleepin' on your office couch five nights a week.
The only time you ever get it up is when you put the paper to bed.
All right, you've had a nice rest.
Now put down that fairy wand and get back to work.
Goodbye, Walter.
Hildy, this is desertion.
If you were in the Army, you could be shot for this.
Get out of my way!

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