Burn After Reading (2008): It Was Dribble


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The clip it was dribble from Burn After Reading (2008)

Yes, madam. Can we help you?
What kind of Mickey Mouse embassy are you running, anyway?
I've been waiting for 45 minutes!
I'm so sorry, ma'am. An urgent matter.
Well, maybe this is an urgent matter, since, you know, Chad's been missing for 48 hours.
I do not know the whereabouts of Mr. Chad, madam.
He was gathering information for you when he was taken.
We're not interested in such information. It was dribble.
Would you like your disk back, madam?
I will give you dribble. You listen to me, Mr. Krapotkin.
I am a US citizen, and I will not take this kind of treatment.

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