Burn After Reading (2008): the Punch Part 2


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The clip the punch Part 2 from Burn After Reading (2008) with Brad Pitt, John Malkovich

You think that's a Schwinn.
Now give me the fucking floppy or the CD or whatever the fuck it is...
As soon as you give us the money, dickwad!
You fuck!
Give it to me, fuck!
You fucker. I know who you are, fucker!
You're the fucker!
Where's the money? He hit me!
Where's the money?
He didn't give it to me.
For... Get in the car. Get in the car.
What are you doing? Shit!
Fuck it! Fuck! Fucking lunatic!
You fucking morons!
That'll give him something to think about. Yeah.
I knew this would happen.
Wait. Wait! We gotta go back!
My bike!
It's on to Plan B.
That's just a Kryptonite lock. You can open those fuckers with a Bic pen!
Some people.
What is this?
Russian Embassy.

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