Burn After Reading (2008): the Punch


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The clip the punch from Burn After Reading (2008) with John Malkovich, Brad Pitt

What's wrong with this?
No, you cannot wear that.
You have to wear a suit.
You mean, go home and change?
I was gonna ride my bike.
Osborne Cox.
And you, I take it, are Mr. Black.
Yes, I am.
You have the money?
$50, 000.
That's what was agreed upon, Osborne Cox.
All right. Let me explain something to you, Mr. Black.
You know who I am, I know who you are.
Perhaps, but appearances can be deceptive.
What you're engaged in is blackmail. That is a felony.
That's for starters.
Appearances can be deceptive.
I am a mere Good Samaritan who...
Secondly, the unauthorized dissemination of classified material is a federal crime.
If you ever carried out your proposed threat, you would experience such a shit storm of consequences, my friend, that your empty little head would be spinning faster than the wheels of your Schwinn bicycle back there.

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