Burn After Reading (2008): Plastic Surgery Preperation


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The clip plastic surgery preperation from Burn After Reading (2008)

We take all the chicken fat off your buttocks, here.
And the upper arms. Mmm-hmm.
And a little off your tummy. Yeah. Great.
Now, we do breast augmentation with a tiny incision here...
That marker tickles.
...and here.
And what about the upper leg, the higher inside thigh area?
Well, we can do liposuction there, as well, but that area will respond to exercise.
The buttocks and upper arms begin to store more fat once you get up around 40. The body just tells it to go there, but the thighs will respond to toning exercises.
Yeah, I can work on my arms till the cows come home, but...
Well, also, there are of course genetic factors.
The Litzkes have always been big.
Well, everyone's got...
My mother had an ass that could pull a bus.
Wow! Well, that's a...
Father's side, too.
I mean, although Dad tended to carry his weight out in front more, in the gut area. Derri?e, not so much.
And what about the face, you know, the window to the soul?
Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
Very well put.
Well, your eyes are one of your best features, but we can do something about the incipient crow's feet.
Baby crow's feet. Little chickling's feet.
I mean chicks. Chickie, chickie, chickie.
Yes, again, well put.
You have a way with words.
We make a small incision and then pull the skin tight, like stretching the skin over a drum.
Not too tight, though.
We don't want that "worked-on" look.
You need sufficient slack for the face to remain expressive.
Yeah, I don't wanna look like Boris Karloff.
So you don't want a sex change!
No, I'm all woman!
So, Linda, what we're talking about here is four different procedures.
The liposuction, the rhinoplasty, the facial tuck, which I would strongly recommend over the chemical peel.
Yeah, I don't wanna burn anything off.
And why should you, with that lovely skin?

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